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Our experienced assembly teams take care of the construction of complete systems within the standards.

This is how you get your plant (system, facility, machinery, facilities) to be on time for the start of production.

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AE has the most innovative products and leading service capabilities in assembly technology, making us one of the most valuable service providers in assembly technology. For our renowned clients, we offer a wide range of individual services. These include, for example, the development of production conveyor technology and work processes, the planning and simulation of logistics, and the integration of production process control.

In short, we offer a comprehensive offer for individual projects and turnkey assembly technology. The assembly technology employs around 700 competent specialists who have experience in several dozen completed assembly lines.

In our projects, we focus on digitization, related processes and ergonomic equipment to provide our clients with ideal solutions. By investing heavily in R&D in the past, we have managed to deliver the international standard as well as significant cost reduction.

Our professional project managers have the best technical knowledge to be able to implement our clients' wishes as required in a process-oriented manner. Thanks to the highest quality, the most advanced technologies, the best advice and perfect cooperation, we have already received numerous awards from our customers.

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