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Conveyor technology is the heart of a production plant in the automotive sector. AE has manufacturing capabilities for the following types in the automotive material handling field.

    One of our specialties is conveyor technology systems for the automotive industry. We offer solutions for both floor conveyors and overhead conveyors.

       Floor conveyor

  • Skillets

  • Plastic conveyor belts

  • Lift and transfer stations

  • High-bay warehouse

  • Wedding conveyor

  • JIT promoter

  • Belt conveyors

  • Water test

  • GEO pallet system

  • Body shop conveyor system

      Overhead conveyor

  • Electric monorail EMS

  • Friction drive conveyor

  • P&F conveyor

  • Lifting and driving equipment

  • Rotary conveyor



The skid conveyor equipment mainly includes various kinds of rolling beds, chain beds, mobile machines, rotary rolling beds, elevators, belt conveyors, chain moving machines, double chain painting, double chain drying, IMC drying , ski painting, etc. The combination of these equipments forms a transport system of skates of translation, rotation and elevation back and forth in the paint shop.

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The main forms of pretreatment electrophoresis conveyor equipment include hanging chain conveyors, swing bar chain conveyors, tipping conveyors, and their corresponding ancillary equipment. In recent years, the tipping conveyor developed under the leadership of the head office has been successfully applied to a number of pre-paint electrophoretic conveying projects, providing customers with a highly flexible conveying solution that can achieve a rotation of 360​​ degrees.

Final assembly transportation equipment mainly includes interior skid board line, final assembly skid board line, chassis line, door transportation line, tire transportation line, seat transportation line. , etc. Since our company successfully built the first domestic skateboard line in 2003, these products have been used in many international car assembly shops.

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